The family law attorneys of Ward Law LLC are compassionate, skilled, and hard-working, providing each client a personalized approach to his or her specific situation. They make every endeavor to provide the highest level of service during all phases of the legal process by focusing on providing an optimal resolution for their clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"When I first approached Lynn years ago, she told me some hard truths about my case. She never gave me false hope or left me with the impression that if I just spent a little more money, I’d get my way. She helped me navigate the system to find the best possible solution for my kids after several messy post-divorce motions. She was fierce in court when she needed to be, but collaborative and practical when it was just us. I never felt like I was being pushed into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with. She responded to every message I left within a day or two, and I never felt ignored or forgotten. I’ve been back to her for several issues over the years, and I’ve been very happy with her service."

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"No one ever wants to go through a divorce or child custody battles. Lynn is an amazing attorney and I never had to worry about items getting done. She guided me through this time and I completely trusted her."

AVVO Client Review

"Lynn helped me through a painful divorce. Due to the nature of my ex-spouse’s business ventures, she was thorough in getting outside tax experts involved to help negotiate a fairer settlement. Her faith in God was evident and her desire to be just and fair was always felt."

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What Our Peers Are Saying

"Lynn is an excellent attorney and I and my partners have referred a number of family law cases to her. She does an excellent job in communicating and truly tries to do what is the family’s best interest all the while keeping her representation of her client uppermost. I have never had a client come back to me and ask for another referral after having gone to confer with Lynn. I would recommend her without qualification for the highest rating."


"Lynn Ward has the highest ethics and standards in her family law practice. She is an example of an attorney with outstanding legal abilities and has a reputation for being fair and honest in our legal community. She donates her time and efforts to mentor young attorneys."

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