Ward Law LLC strives to provide our current and prospective clients with the resources they need to help navigate what can be a very challenging time in their lives. We believe access to information and resources is essential in helping our clients become more informed on the important aspects of their case and the services available to them.

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Confidential communications between attorneys and clients are privileged. You should not disclose confidential information to your attorney in public or in the presence of anyone other than your attorney in order to maintain the attorney-client privilege. You understand that there is a risk that phone calls, email, faxes and regular mail pose a risk of being intercepted by third parties. Unless you tell us otherwise, however, we will assume that you authorize your attorney to communicate with you by any of these methods.

The best way to reach your attorney after hours is by email. You can also leave a voice mail for him/her. The office phone number is 316.260.3120. Voice mail extensions are as follows:


The firm issues statements around the 20th day of each month.  The firm will send the statement via email to you unless you ask that statement be mailed. Please review the statement carefully and notify us of any problems with it immediately. We will gladly review the statement with you at no charge.

The balance is due within 30 days if there are not sufficient funds held in the firm’s Trust Account for your matter.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover at no charge to you.  If the balance due is not paid, your attorney will withdraw from representation.

We will do all we can to keep costs down and be efficient.  Keep in mind that certain things are costly, though, such as formal discovery and trials/evidentiary hearings.  Generally speaking, a trial will cost a minimum of $5,000 each day spent in court.

Your matter might involve the preparation of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).  Because of the highly specialized nature of QDRO’s, the firm hires  outside counsel to prepare each QDRO for a flat fee of $600.  This amount will be added to your statement as an expense.

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