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Visitation by Grandparents and Stepparents

In Kansas, the definition of family is always changing, and nowhere is that more evident than in the area of grandparent and stepparent visitation.

Kansas does allow visitation between grandparents and grandchildren, and between stepparents and stepchildren, even over the objection of a child’s parent. However, visitation is not presumed, and the law surrounding this area is not only complex but is also relatively new. To obtain an order for a grandparent or stepparent visitation, the attorneys of Ward Law LLC must show that the grandparent or stepparent has a substantial relationship with the grandchild or stepchild. Additionally, they must show that the visits will be in the child’s best interests. Kansas law affords parents a considerable say in what and how visits occur, and if the parent’s proposal for visitation is reasonable.

Balancing a parent’s right to be a parent with the right of a grandparent or stepparent can be very difficult, including financial aspects involving attorney’s fees and costs. Adding to that difficulty can be dealing with the deterioration of a relationship, recently or ongoing, between the parent and grandparent or stepparent. The attorneys of Ward Law understand the changes in Kansas law, and how best to use those changes to assist grandparents, stepparents, and parents. Ward Law attorneys will assist clients in navigating not only Kansas law, but also the practical implications of visitation and the child’s best interests

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