An appeal in a Kansas divorce law, family law case, or a CINC case is a legal proceeding where an attorney represents a party wishing to have a decision reviewed by a higher court. In the State of Kansas, there are two levels of appellate courts: the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court. When a divorce case, family law case, or a CINC case is appealed, it is appealed to the Court of Appeals. The job of the Court of Appeals is to review the decision of the trial court and determine whether the correct law was applied and the proper procedures were followed.

You should not appeal an order or decision simply because you are unhappy with the outcome. Successful appeals must have a legal reason, usually an incorrect application of the law to the facts by a trial court judge. Our appellate attorneys at Ward Law are well-versed in Kansas divorce law, family law, and CINC law and have extensive experience in determining whether to appeal and what issues and strategies to pursue depending on each case’s unique set of facts and applicable law. Our attorneys have successfully argued in front of the Kansas Supreme Court, the Kansas Court of Appeals, and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Furthermore, working on appellate cases has provided our attorneys with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of many aspects of the law that simply cannot be gained by being in the courtroom.

Additionally, a notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days from the entry of judgment. If you believe there was a mistake or the judge did not apply the law fairly to your divorce, family law, or CINC proceeding, you must contact an appellate lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you meet with one of our appellate attorneys to discuss the pros and cons of your appeal, the better your position will be to make an educated decision. We are proud to serve our clients in the difficult challenges faced when bringing or defending appeals.

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